Ironwood Acquisitions

Elevating Businesses,

Securing Legacies

Welcome to Ironwood

We're not your typical Micro Private Equity firm. We're a family force to be reckoned with, fiercely committed to catapulting main street businesses to dizzying heights. The Ironwood squad, marries deep-rooted expertise in technology, marketing, sales, and operations with a relentless drive for success.


It's not Just Business, It's Personal

Stable businesses in a growing market - that's our hunting ground. Our game? Transforming these potential powerhouses through sharp tech, shrewd marketing, and strategic operations. We're not just offering a trusted exit for founders, we're offering a legacy lifeline. We keep your teams and customers safe and your dreams thriving.

We're Interested in Businesses That Have

Track Record

5+ years of success

Healthy Margins

High margins that are sustainable over time

Unique Advantage

A key differentiator that sets you apart. Brand, niche, community, etc.


A strong team with a winning attitude


A business model your grandma could understand

Why Ironwood Acquisitions?

Cutting-edge tech like AI isn't just a buzzword for us, it's our secret sauce for operational excellence. We're at the forefront of marketing and sales wizardry, turning funnels into growth engines. With Ironwood, you're not just getting a partner, you're joining an industry revolution.


Who's on Our Radar?

We seek businesses that aren't just surviving, but ready to thrive. Five years of solid operation? Check. Healthy margins and simple business models? Double-check. A unique edge and ethical ethos? Absolutely. If your team boasts a rock-solid culture and profits hitting the low six-figure mark, we’re eager to roll up our sleeves and work with you. Your journey, your terms - stay with us post-acquisition or set sail.

Let's Cut the Chatter

We're all about straight talk at Ironwood Acquisitions. No frills, no jargon - just clear, efficient communication with a generous side of approachability. We get it, the buy-sell business scene is a tangled web. But guess what? We're here to untangle it, one clear conversation at a time. Ready for the Ironwood experience? Let's get this conversation started.

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